We are a creative studio by the lake.

Our office, located on the shores of Iseo Lake, offers all the comforts you need to work at your best. A brand new space, equipped with a relaxation area and a kitchen, which make us feel at home. And in such a location, we never suffer from a ‘blank page syndrome’: when we are short of ideas, all we have to do is take a walk and find the right inspiration.

We are not just consultants, developers and designers, but also musicians, athletes and explorers.

As each mònade is essential to build reality, so the members of our team have different features that complete and differentiate our indivisible and unique group.

The team


Co-founder & manager

Numbers Magician


Co-founder & developer

Keyboard Smasher


Strategy advisor

Strategy evangelist


Project Manager

Button Presser


Design Lead

Glitter Manager


Digital Marketing

Analytics’ Devourer


Sales Manager

Jobs Shooter


Account Manager

Joyful Juggler


Full stack developer

Coffee Deployer


UX/UI Designer

Pugs Cuddler


Full stack developer

Pastry Diviner


Full stack Developer

Pro headbanger


Full stack developer

Athletic hacker


Full stack developer

Wikipedia addict


Junior Developer

Pizza Maestro


Junior Developer

Junior Developer


Game Artist

Survival Strategist

We learn, we teach, we share

Our field is constantly evolving and we must always be ready for new challenges. We believe that everyone should constantly develop new skills and share them with the team and the world. That’s why we routinely organise in-house lectures on a wide range of topics, from which interesting articles are compiled for our blog.

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Fun is serious business

Sometimes you need to be a child again to generate ideas. Our office is equipped with a basketball court, a gym and a 200sqm swimming pool… what better way to take a break than to shoot some hoops or go for a swim? We also organise special events to have fun and increase team spirit. From boat trips to lunches, from group games to themed parties, any occasion is a good one to feed the flames of our creativity.

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