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A restyling and a new web identity

IAM operates in the electromechanical and lighting sector creating up-to-date patented products. The Mònade team has studied a new image that aims to represent the innovative and highly technological spirit of the company.



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The company didn't have a web presence, so we started by studying the corporate image and then extended the style to the website. When we analysed the existing brand, we realised that the monogram in use was hardly readable and recognisable: although the full company name is ‘Industrial Asset Management’, the brand is best known by the acrostic ‘IAM’, so it was essential to easily read the monogram's three letters.

IAM - The restyling of the IAM brand
The restyling of the IAM brand
IAM - Example of the new brand application
Example of the new brand application

Compactness, solidity and immediate readability are the three features of the new brand. With the restyling, we aimed to give greater consistency to the monogram, making the three letters of the ‘IAM’ acrostic clearly recognisable. In order to maintain continuity with the previous brand, we have maintained the division into 3 colours, slightly varying them only in tone and saturation and adding some others to complete the palette to be used also on the website.

IAM - The monogram creation
The monogram creation
IAM - The new colour palette
The new colour palette
IAM - The final logo
The final logo

As for the coordinated image, we focused on the vibrancy and solidity of the new brand, which represents the innovative and high-tech spirit of the company. The three colours of the palette were used as colour blocks in the background of communication materials. The playful overlapping of photographic images, renderings and transparencies give modernity and variety to the compositions.

IAM - Business cards
Business cards
IAM - Example of application on panels for offices and events
Example of application on panels for offices and events

When developing the website, we focused not only on the present but on the future as well. Particular attention was given to the project section, making it more interesting and effective thanks to the alternation of sections and texts. The coordinated image colour blocks become an essential part of the layout, framed by a white border that gives lightness to the whole. The mobile experience has been conceived with particular attention to detail making any use easy and intuitive.


The website was successfully launched and our team has now been hired to develop the company proprietary software.

"We are very satisfied with the end result we have achieved together, we are already receiving a lot of positive feedback: it was something we missed and needed."

Mattia Regosa - CEO of IAM S.r.l.

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