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A real-time geomarketing research and analysis tool.

Lime is the first web platform that analytically extracts advertising media data based on the area of interest.



  • Ruby on Rails
  • VueJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS
Geotag Lime

Geotag, a company specialised in proximity communication, had a vast media database built up in over more than 10 years of experience, with more than 4,000 media including TV, radio, web, cinema, shopping centres, press, websites and social networks.

Their need was to create a tool for easily analysing their data, cross-referencing it with points or areas of interest to highlight the efficiency level of every single media in a specific area.

Mònade proposed the creation of a web app allowing a selection of territories displaying all geospatial data through a clear and attractive UX

Geotag Lime - Specific area selector: postcodes
Specific area selector: postcodes

The core of the application is the search tool: an interactive map allows a quick selection of areas or sale points and shows population and audience data, with the possibility of a deeper analysis according to various degrees of detail.


As a starting point, the points of interest for the analysis can be selected by searching for addresses or by loading an external file. For each point on the map, the isochrones, i.e. the area that can be reached within a certain time or distance, are also determined by selecting the means of transport used. The isochrones are calculated in real time on the map, so that immediate visual feedback is available and overlaps can be assessed.


Once the areas have been selected, Lime uses the database query to show the population data, with an accuracy of detail down to the postcode, cross-referencing it with the coverage and effectiveness data of the advertising media.

Geotag Lime - Spatial data and media details according to selected isochrones
Spatial data and media details according to selected isochrones

Starting from a research it is possible to deepen the strategic analysis by selecting the most effective advertising media for each point or area, evaluating their effectiveness and average budget. In this way it is possible to create an effective plan for each individual area or sale point.


The application makes it possible to associate a strategic analysis with a customer, storing the research chronology and creating or importing their sale points or areas of interest for the company.

Geotag Lime - Customised strategic analysis based on selected areas
Customised strategic analysis based on selected areas
  • Integration of OpenRoute and Google Maps
  • Dynamic search for places on Google Places
  • Uploading location data from CSV file
  • Generation of space/time isochrones
  • Real time update of population and vehicle data

Geomarketing analysis has become an essential component for companies in all sectors. Through Lime, the Geotag team can perform faster and more accurate strategic analyses and show them to their customers through an immediate and attractive web app.

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