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The most complete and timely Media Intelligence platform for TV and Radio advertising in Italy.

Adalytics was created with the aim of providing investors with a timely tool for reporting on new competitor advertising campaigns and, at the same time, to gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of their planning through the analysis of the most significant KPIs. We record and collect all Italian radio and TV commercials 24/7, analysing and summarising the data with advanced data intelligence reports.



  • Ruby on Rails
  • VueJS
  • Adobe CC

After a complete makeover of the company's portal, we developed for AD Control ADAlytics, a new web app for statistical analysis that delves into and analyses radio and TV advertising data.


The web application was developed using modern frameworks (Ruby on Rails for the backend and Vue.js Typescript for the frontend).

  • Display of customised and dynamic charts (Chart.js)
  • Dynamic selectors and filters for weeks/months, comparison groups and KPIs of interest
  • Heatmaps on the most relevant KPI tables
  • Real-time queries on advertising data
  • Automatic speech detection on commercials, brand/keyword search
  • Automatic alerts based on starting campaigns, keywords or named brands
ADAlytics - Customised analysis and design of the cloud platform architecture
Customised analysis and design of the cloud platform architecture

Particular attention was given to the user experience and to the interface of the different sections.

  • Top Investors: ranking of the main investors in the sector/category/class of reference, with data aggregated by company, brand or product;
  • Alert Feed: notification of new campaigns by competitors of interest, with the possibility of customising alerts on sectors, categories and classes or companies, brands and products;
  • Days/time slots: display of the distribution of commercials for specific companies, brands or products on daily time slots;
  • Comparison and Analytics: possibility to delve into Top Investor and Alert Feed data with details of competitors' schedules and KPIs (time slots, days of the week, placements);
  • Creativity: display of statistics broken down by the subjects of individual spots with the possibility of viewing aggregate data.
ADAlytics - Graphic elements
Graphic elements

For the new website, we needed to create a brand that would relate to the main company AD Control while maintaining a separate identity. We therefore designed a symbol reminiscent of the original (antenna and magic wand: the advertising wizard) by adding the element that likens it to a radar.

ADAlytics - Pictogram concept
Pictogram concept
ADAlytics - The final brand
The final brand

ADAlytics is to date the most comprehensive and timely Media Intelligence platform for TV and Radio advertising in Italy.

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ADAlytics - Comparison and Analytics
Comparison and Analytics

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