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AD Control

  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • User experience
  • User interface
  • Web app

A software turned into a web app

AD Control was the first company in Italy to deal with the detection and certification of radio and television advertising. Our team helped it make its services even more effective, thanks to modern technologies and to a completely rebranded image.



  • Ruby on Rails
  • VueJS
  • Bootstrap
AD Control

The complex software on which all of AD Control's work is based has been developed and expanded over the years, accumulating many technical/functional issues: our challenge was to make a radical makeover. While studying the web project, the Mònade team also suggested a complete logo restyling to make it appealing and effective.

AD Control - Coordinated image restyling
Coordinated image restyling

The Mònade team completely redesigned the web portal that allows the end user to browse the data collected by AD Control. The system is very complex with lots of data: the real challenge was to make the portal effective and functional despite the amount of information to display. The new User Interface is clean, technical and fun, to communicate a new sense of freshness and simplicity.

Technical features

  • Developed with modern frameworks: Ruby on Rails for the backend and Vue.js for the frontend.
  • MySQL High Availability database
  • Sharding/partitioning for big data management (5M+ records/year)
  • Creation and management of different users and profiles with different access levels
  • Generation of customised PDF and XLS reports
AD Control - The new website UI
The new website UI
AD Control
AD Control
AD Control

AD Control is a specialist in the field of advertising certification, and with its systems do extraordinary things can be done- just like a magician. The concept is summed up in the new corporate payoff- The advertsing wizard- which we have combined with a dynamic, engaging and exciting brand. In the new pictogram, the radio station symbol and the magic wand are combined in a simple yet impressive way. The colour palette ranges from professional deep blue through vibrant electric blue to fluorescent green, which together with the specially created pattern gives personality and uniqueness to the brand.

AD Control
AD Control
AD Control
AD Control

With the portal and brand revamp AD Control has acquired a more modern and professional image, improved the user experience of its customers and made it easier to acquire new buyers.

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"Thanks to the revamped portal, we have satisfied our customers and increased the interest of potential new buyers"

Andrea Scarfone, Partner AD Control
AD Control
AD Control

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