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Mental Shock, an adventure for Alexa

Today sees the launch of Mental Shock, the first interactive voice adventure for Alexa, developed by the Mònade team.

Plunge into a cyberpunk dystopia, where the widespread technology of brain implants affects your life and, perhaps, your everyday choices. Who will you be: the mind or the victim?

Brescia, Italy – 19 November, 2019 – The development team Mònade, launches today  the very first interactive voice adventure for Alexa: Mental Shock.

The skill is supported by the partnership with Amazon Italy. Among the protagonists of the Mònade team, the skill has been developed with the help of Elf Games, game developers already known for the vibrant style of Little Briar Rose, winner of the ‘Drago d’Oro Italiano’, and for the dark atmospheres of Children of Silentown.

Mònade is a world of innovation, technology and experimentation. Our studio is made up of 12 young people specialised in design, development, gaming, screenwriting and digital strategy. A reality that has tripled its staff during 2019 and aims to become one of the very first companies in the development of innovative projects, with a 100% Italian heart.

In Mental Shock, limit is an integral part of the story’ says Fabiola, artist and screenwriter. ‘Imagine not being able to hear, see or move. Atena, the artificial intelligence, speaks directly to your mind. Thanks to her you can do everything. But, what will the price be? Spoiler!’

‘At Mònade we have always liked to test new technologies. The market for Voice Assistant applications is incredibly interesting with annual growth estimates of almost 30% in Europe for the next 5 years. When Amazon approached us, we immediately took up the challenge and the whole team was thrilled. It was a very enriching experience and a big thank you goes to the Amazon team who were so open with us’ adds Battista, CEO of Mònade.



The game

Mental shock is the first voice interactive adventure in Italy, available on Amazon Alexa.
Victim of a terrible accident, you will be forced to move only by means of voice commands given to Atena, a latest generation artificial intelligence. Thanks to it, you will ride in a futuristic world full of intrigues and dangers, collecting clues, exploring environments and using the objects available. Many questions torment you: who reduced you like this? Why you? And above all, who is MIND, the ambiguous and mysterious mental hacker with whom only you are in contact?




  • Explore environments using only your voice
  • Combine objects together to overcome obstacles
  • Investigate your past, collect clues and reconstruct your lost memories
  • Discover a contemporary world inspired by the best cyberpunk cinema


The skill is available on Alexa devices since November 19, 2019.


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