Our culture

Many people think that a company’s cultural identity is confined only to carefree moments in the office: swimming pool, happy hours and paintball battles. But we believe it’s much more than that: it’s the merging of our values, our passions and our goals. At Mònade we’re proud to celebrate our team culture and help you reinforce your own.

Why are we telling you this? Because you deserve to know who you work with – or will work with.


We believe collaboration is about more than just working together

We already work together, in the same room and on the same project. But to us, collaboration means to figure out who is about to throw the keyboard out of the window with a glance. It’s sitting down at the table with our client and tell each other frankly what has worked and what can be improved.
Collaboration is not just about working together: it’s about thinking, feeling, making mistakes and growing together.


We believe in the courage of ongoing growth

This may include reading an extra book, learning new ways of working, improving the effectiveness of your personal relationships or developing a thousand other skills. For us, growth means, first of all, having the courage to question ourselves, because this is the only way we can truly learn and improve.


We value diversity of thought

Each one experiences life with a different approach, feels and thinks focusing on perspectives and nuances that others may find difficult to seize. Whether the newcomer is from Mars or from Pluto makes no difference to us, because dealing with diversity of thought means being excited to meet a Martian, even if, at first, we don’t understand what he is saying.


Creativity is our engine

The digital world is constantly changing: how can we stand still? For us, creativity means dynamically finding the most innovative solution to a problem, enthusiastically conceiving a unique project through co-creation, not relying on old, pre-packaged recipes.


We believe empathy is a key ingredient

We believe in this concept to such an extent that we have found many ways to make it part of our process, whether by living our clients’ needs or thinking and feeling with each other.
These structured processes underpin our Design Thinking and Agile methodologies and can never replace laughter and face-to-face time.


We want to help turn this world into a better place

Starting with the little things: the half a day you save every week because we designed together the software that analyses your data in the blink of an eye.
The smile on your face when you arrive at the office and the management system we designed together has eliminated the 10 phone calls (and gastritis) needed to keep a workflow moving forward.

Does it end here?

We believe values are the foundation of our identity and our constant guiding star, but we believe even more in evolution and change. So we cannot promise we will never change our values, but we do promise that if we do, it will be to improve our working life and the world around us.

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