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What is HR Gamification and what is it for?

By Gabriele • 13 October 2021

Human resources gamification is the application in HR of game methodology and behavioral motivation techniques which are commonly adopted in…

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What are NFTs and how can they grow your business?

By Piero • 3 May 2021

Is NFT another acronym we will never remember? A passing trend we will soon forget? An IT revolution that will…

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Blockchain: 6 simple concepts to explain it (even) to your grandmother

By Piero • 30 April 2021

Chances are you've heard the word 'blockchain' over the past year. But do you really know what it is? You…

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Corporate Dashboard: the solution to simply monitor your data

By Gabriele • 2 April 2021

Let's start with an apparently trivial question: how is your company doing? Entrepreneurs and managers normally have a perception of…

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MVP: What is the Minimum Viable Product and why should you have it?

By Beatrice • 17 March 2021

Seeing  what people actually do with a product is much more reliable than asking what they would do. That’s why…

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How to choose the perfect digital partner

By Gabriele • 13 January 2021

If you are thinking of tackling  a business digitisation project, such as creating or updating software and applications that are…

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Designing with Design Thinking

By Chiara • 6 November 2020

We have seen in previous articles what the Agile approach to software development is and we have analysed how the…

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Scrum: how the most widely used Agile methodology works

By Omar • 27 April 2020

Scrummage or Scrum? Do you know rugby? That sport where 15 people against 15 try to get an oval ball…

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The Agile approach to software development

By Omar • 6 February 2020

Does anyone remember how we took photos before digital came along? You needed a clear idea of the conditions, the…

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